How To Check Visa Validity

By | May 6, 2020

Muqeem vaisa is also called Card or iqama for the most part used in KSA for the identity of expatriates. The expatriates mean those workers who are dwelling in a country. Many people come from another country in KSA for work and they are called expatriates. All Expatriates come in KSA for income reason and they want to makes money.They work as Driver, people and in mostly more fields in KSA.

The expatriates  face first difficult coming in KSA is a Muqeem Visa card.Any dwelling person can’t stay in KSA without the Muqueem Vaisa card.The Muqeem Vaisa card is basically the indently or your profiles which is need while living in KSA. So the Muqeem vaisa card has very important in KSA for expatriates. Also Visit Check Iqama Expiry Date

Muqeem vaisa card is also called  iqama card. Today I wil explain here the very simple of checking it like the difficult and other details related it this. the shape of vaisa card similar to the plastic credit card which  comprise  of your identites like the name , address and your date  of birth.  Mostly more  information are also acceissble  on this card.

This card is used for couple of purposes like for jops in KSA and also for visiting put in the Saudi Arabia.

Muqeem  Visa Validity Status

Muqeem Visa Validity means to check the date of the expiry of visa. Beginning this theme you  fair neceassary to learn about how to  get Muqeem visa.After this theme, I will guide you about to check Muqeem visa validity. For this, you necessary to basically fill fourm and yield if to the government office that is speciall for the Muqeem Visa card. The medical endorsement test is hard in this.

Muqeem Visa Validity check means to check the expiry date of your visa. Two procedure of checking  this will examined here. The first procedure is Absher and the second procedure is the Moi site.

How to Check muqeem  Visa Validity?

The  Muqeem protal also called a save protal give you  an online benefit to check visa validity. You can also check different exit re -entery visa validity and much more detail about visas. For ckecking exit re- entry you necessary to use Muqeem protal.Follow these steps to check Muqeem Visa Validity.

Step1: Open in your browser or click on the given link.When you click on it than the easy main homepage of the save sit opens in your front screen.

Step2:  Now choose the iqama number option in the first box and enter in the front of iqama number.After that in the second box choose. The passport number and enter your passport number.

Step3:After filling both boxes you necessary to click on the check option.When you click on it then the full information about your visa  come.



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