Zong Internet Packages 3G/4G Bundles 2020

By | April 3, 2020

Today we will tell you about Zong internet packages which include Three bundles like Zong 2G net packages, Zong 3G net packages, Also Zong 4G net packages. Dear friends, you know that China mobile Pakistan or Zong [Cmpak] is owned by china mobile communications corporation. Zong providing cellular mobile voice data service in Pakistan through  Zong 2G, 3G also with 4G technologies.

Zong has 30 Millon subscribers in Pakistan. Therefore Zong is providing the best internet packages to its customers. In this article, you can easily check the details Of Zong internet packagesZong internet packages. 3G, 4G and daily, weekly & monthly packages are available at different rates for Zong customers.

Zong Data Share Packages Prepaid

Dear friends, you can easily share your Zong data with your best friends and family members using this Offer of Zong. After subscribing to this offer you will easily share your Zong data with others. In this offer, you can easily share data with up to 10 friends. All members can use the internet at the same time as the best way. Just one person needs to subscribe to the shared bundle of Zong.

These Zong bundles are best for Zong users. Who want to share their data with friends and family members. All members can use the internet very easily and enjoy it at this time, After deactivating From your Zong sim. Dear friends if you want to check the details of Zong data share packages, Also you want to subscribe to it. Then you need to fully read this article paragraph.

Because here you can easily find the details Of the Zong data share package, Also I will tell you how to subscribe and unsubscribe it.

In this list, you can easily learn the details of Zong data share package

Bundle 1 Of Data Sharing

Monthly 5 GB


Rs. 500 + tax

Bundle 2 Of Data sharing

Monthly 10 GB


Rs. 900 + tax.

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